Tuesday, January 11

Use What You Have To Get What You Want

by Jack Nadel

With so many people these days starting over in the work force or looking to change their career, this book is a great read to kick start you on your new path.  

Jack Nadel is a decorated U.S. Army air Corps navigator that started his career as an American entrepreneur in 1946 with a high school education and no money.  He is now 87 and has 65 years of success.   He shares his rules for success in his book Use What You Have To Get What You Want sharing 100 specific lessons and ideas that mean business.  Jack Nadel has created thousands of jobs and products as he built Jack Nadel International into a powerhouse global leader in promotional products.

My favorite part about what this book has to share is their profound statement that "you do not need to learn anything new, but you must learn to use what you have."  Therefore, we all should be able to not only learn something new but to be able to apply it to our current situation or plans.

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