Monday, November 15

Need a House Warming Gift?

I recently received a fantastic and original house warming gift that I just had to share.  Of course, if I'm writing about it, then you probably already know that it must be a book.  And you are right.

The book is Occasions by kate spade.  Yes, THE Kate Spade.  Could there be a better person to provide advice and tips to become the ultimate hostess??  No, there could not.

As if you'd expect anything less than this tip from Kate Spade, but her number one ingredient that ultimately defines "the good hostess" is grace.  So true...

This book covers it all.   Tips on decorating the room, what to keep well-stocked in your cupboard, music (and yes, even tips on specific songs), how to solve for the common surprises and disasters, recipes for mixed drinks, and guidance for toasting.  It is a reference for anniversaries (who can remember what year 7 is...it is wool!) and birthdays with the birthstones and flowers by month.  And much, much more...

Favorite quote - "Hospitality makes for infectious fun."  -anonymous

Favorite tip that I hope to remember, but know I never will - "Question:  Whatever shall I wear?  Answer:  Whatever you love."

So where do you find this book?  When I did some research, here are two of the top sites I found.

Now you can also go to katespade.com, but I will let you know that when I did, it took me forever to find the book.  And when I did, they were out of stock.  Not that I still don't love Kate Spade and their website!!

When I was researching, you can imagine my surprise, when I found two additional books by Kate Spade - Manners and Style.  Both sure to be as enlightening and fashionable as Occasions.

Special thank you to my friend Renee for the gift!!


  1. ohhhh.... ;) I'm glad you like it!

  2. Well, of course! And I think it was such a creative thought. Had to share :))))