Tuesday, May 3

A must read memoir...

I just finished a book that I never thought I would read, let alone thoroughly enjoy.  It is A LONG WAY GONE Memoirs of a Boy Soldier by Ishmael Beah, and what an amazing story it is.  AMAZING.
Something is to be said for stepping out of your "boundaries" and trying something new.  This book was actually selected for me.  And not in the "I think this looks like your type of book" kind of way either.  I mean if you have been reading this blog, then you have caught on as to the types of books that I typically read, so surely anyone close enough to me to select a book for me to read would pick up on that subtle (okay, not so subtle) clue.  This was definitely a book that the anonymous selector would read for themselves.  So, sidebar moment, let someone pick a book out for you now and then.  You might just find a true gem!
I knew that this story would be sad going into it.  The cover has a young boy carrying a weapon walking with broken flip-flop's for Pete's sake.  BUT sad is an understatement.  The details that he was able to remember and describe are so specific with so much emotion and depth that you feel you are right there.  Which is scary as this is about a war in Africa.  Scary or no, you will find yourself not able to put this book down for there is a hope that is spread throughout the book.  It is this hope, hope of a child nonetheless, that keeps you captivated throughout the story.
I won’t give away the details, but I will say that the story is about Ishmael Beah as he is a young boy and the start of the war in Sierra Leone.  It is about his travels through the war, his experiences before, during, and after, and how he saves himself at the end of the day.  Ishmael Beah is a true storyteller and an amazing survivor of what can only be described as a horrific tragedy (and that might even be an understatement).  So pick up this pick and read it, buy it for your friends to read, whatever.  You won't regret it.

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