Wednesday, December 15

December Book Club - A Christmas Classic

This month we read A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens in honor of the holiday.  While we all know the general plot, most likely from years of watching the various movies on TV, no one in our group could remember actually having read the original story.  What a better time to read it than before Christmas.  And no doubt the fact that it is less than 100 pages was an added benefit (let us not forget CC's "you had me at 200 pages!").

For this meeting, I was more of a fly on the wall than a participant.  I unfortunately had lost my voice!  But it was great to listen to everyone review the book.  They unfortunately had to listen to me cough.

In usual form, we were wrong about this being a quick read.  All of us agreed that it was more difficult to read than we had anticipated.  Some of it is due to the old English that we are not used to reading or understanding (my Penguin Classics version had footnotes that were most helpful and informative), but a lot of it is that Dickens narration tends to drag on at points throughout the story.  Of course, the overall theme to be the best you can be to your friends, family, and just mankind in general is still there.  And, more importantly, it is still an applicable lesson that all of us needed reminding of.  I would definitely encourage everyone to read this story and take to heart the lesson that it gives to all that will listen.

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