Monday, September 13

Latest Books I've Purchased...

Lady Chatterley’s Lover by D.H. Lawrence
Obviously this book is considered to be one of the classics, but I recently purchased it to add to my collection.  Borders is selling the classics in these fantastic hard cover designs by Coralie Bickford-Smith.  They are colorful, beautiful, and so flattering compared to many of the classics found at mainstream bookstores.  You know...the ones that look like death and boredom!  This new line would sit proudly on the shelves in your home.  Seriously, I’m addicted to them and cannot wait to own the entire collection.  So far, there are thirteen available.  I own more than half!

 The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
Do you ever hear about a good book from different sources and think “This is a sign.  I must have it.”  Well, that is what happened to me with The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.  Two women in completely different circles raved about how addictive these books were (it is a trilogy).  So naturally, I ran to the bookstore to check them out.  I admit I was somewhat nervous when I had to search for them (in the young adult section I might add), and I only found one or two copies of the first book.  I mean how good could they be with such limited display on shelf?  I even looked around to check to see if there was a massive display taking up all of the copies.  No such display.  However, my sources were two very passionate readers, so I knew that they could be trusted.  When I was checking out, a young man noticed I was buying this book and volunteered that while he didn’t read mainstream novels (yet I must add that he was working at a mainstream bookstore), he loved this series and couldn’t stop reading them.  Indeed.  Now I haven’t started this book yet, so I cannot verify if any of what I have been told is true.  Once I start, I will, of course, let everyone know if all of they hype is fact or fiction (no pun intended...okay, maybe a small one!!).

The Little Prince by Antoine De Saint-Exupery

Bedtime Lullaby by Roger Priddy
These next two books, I purchased as a gift to an upcoming baby shower.  First time mother with a baby boy on the way, these two books just seemed perfect.  The Little Prince by Antoine De Saint-Exupery is a classic.  And it is out with a “fresh new translation”.  The second book, Bedtime Lullaby by Roger Priddy, is perfect for new parents to remind or teach them all of the classic lullaby’s.  After all, how many of us really know all of the words to Brahm’s Lullaby?  Or what does happen after papa buys you a diamond ring in Hush Little Baby?  I’ve found that these words do not come to you when the child is screaming.  Learn them now I say.  Plus, this book even comes with all of the songs on a CD that is included.  What gets better than that?

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  1. I can't WAIT to read The Hunger Games! I have so many books on my list (including this month's choice, Freedom), I don't know when I'll have time to get to it. As we've discussed, my mother in law raved about The Hunger Games as well.....